Mar. 4th, 2009

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Well, today I wasn't in an especial hurry to get to campus, so I walked from the station. I do this fairly often, when the weather's decentish--it's maybe a mile and a half.

Along the way, I decided to stop into a little hole-in-the-wall Vietnamese sandwich place. The sun being shining, and the cold not too bad where the sunlight did fall, I decided I'd eat in a conveniently placed park, as often I would.

So, there I was sitting on a bench with a baguette full of cilantro, bean sprouts, shredded carrots, chicken, and such, when a squirrel came up to me and chittered. I was contemplating tearing off a bit of bread for him, when he decided I wasn't moving fast enough and leapt first to the bench, and thence onto my knee.

I wasn't going to stand for this, so I shooed him away. He leapt to the arm of the bench, and then to a nearby fence where he sat looking at me for some few moments, as if to say "Well, why aren't you co-operating?" before bouncing away.

He didn't act rabid at all, thanks be to God, although later I did think Jesus, what if he had bit me? Would the uni's health clinic treat me for it? If such a thing were to happen, should I try to wring the creature's neck and bring the body along for testing? But fortunately, he was, I think, simply a very bold squirrel.

"I am a bold squirrel and me name it is Nutkin
I've worked at me trade, and it's very well known,
That pestering people makes a squirrel grow thirsty
But only for that I'd leave liquor alone."

Well, maybe not. ;-)


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