Jun. 30th, 2009

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Ranma, Kasumi, and the Mice at Work in the Garden (soft R, 970 words)
A Ranma 1/2 fanfic by Andrew yclept Aelfwine
The characters and situations of Ranma 1/2 are copyright Takahashi Rumiko and the appropriate publishers. They may not be used or reproduced commercially without permission. The use of these characters and situations is not to be construed as challenge to said copyright. They are merely borrowed for this work of non-commercial fanfiction, from which the author derives no financial benefit.
Warnings: civilised mice, soft R for (all-human) sexual situations
Pairings: Ranma/Kasumi/Ukyou/Kodachi, Nodoka/Genma/Soun, Akane/Ryouga/Akari, Kunou Tatewaki/unnamed male
Notes: This started out as my response to [livejournal.com profile] wsr's request in the Drabble Me Meme, but I felt as if it needed something more, so here it is, expanded by 250 words or so. Enjoy!
It was a quiet day in Nerima. That wasn't as unusual as it had once been.

The change had all started when Akane eloped with Ryouga and Akari. Almost immediately afterwards, Kunou Tatewaki had come out, moved to San Francisco with a hunky foreign exchange student, and traded on his good looks and samurai heritage to build a career as kendo instructor to the stars.

Kasumi had done her family duty and married Ranma, and duty had quickly turned to love. A few quiet conversations with Kodachi, culminating with Kodachi crying her eyes out on Kasumi's shoulder, had led first to a series of three-person dates and then to the Kunou daughter becoming part of their household. Kuonji Ukyou had followed her, and the happy foursome had settled down, pursuing home-based careers--Ranma and Kodachi teaching martial arts, Kasumi teaching flower-arranging and etiquette, and Ukyou finding success as a writer of everything from sentimental children's fiction to sizzling action-romances.
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