Aug. 7th, 2009

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I was mowing the lawn this late morning/early afternoon, and saw what I swear I think was a leopard frog hopping out of a stand of dense grass (in amongst the pile of holly bushes that my mother had me haul into the back and leave a couple of weeks ago).

A toad wouldn't have surprised me, but this certainly looked like a leopard frog--I didn't think they went that far away from bodies of open water. There might be a puddle vaguely resembling a pond back in our woods, but this critter would've had to cross brambles and grass and quite a lot of distance, at least by frog standards, in order to reach this place. And why would it do that, when there's no open water nearer our house?

It sat for a while in the grass, and I turned off the mower and tried to get a picture, but I couldn't get my cellphone deployed in time.
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I wish I could think of something more interesting to say, but Heathers it is. At least that's the "teen movie" I remember best from when I was a teenager.

Now I'm trying to remember the movies I actually watched as a teenager--probably was slightly more inclined to watch movies than I am now, although not much. Most of the ones I'm thinking of, I'm not sure how often I actually watched them--my then girlfriend had a thing for Merchant-Ivory movies, and I know we watched Into the West more than once. She said that The Adventures of Baron Munchausen was her favourite movie, the first time she showed it to me, which was probably one of the first times we watched a video alone together, but I'm not sure how many times we actually watched it.
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Well, I can't seem to access LJ the now. I hope it'll be working again soon.
ETA: 8 August, 02:15 EDT: Still can't reach LJ. The isitdown site says it's just me. Feh.


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