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Thank you very much for including childless thirty-something me in your marketing survey, but I'm far more concerned about what features the perfect kid-friendly velociraptor should have.
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[Error: unknown template qotd] The concept of "retro" fashion will finally be taken beyond the twentieth century, and the street scene of the future will look something like a Renaissance faire, for both good and ill. In other words, it won't be so much exact replicas as what people will think looks like period dress, ranging between very approximately the twelfth and the nineteenth century.

A fair number of women will be wearing men's clothing, of course. That said, the d├ęcolletage seen in parts of the seventeenth century might make a return, albeit perhaps not to the point of actually showing nipples; most likely the skirts of said gowns would be somewhat shorter as well, say lower-calf to ankle length.

Kilts for men will become slightly more acceptable in North America, although not to the point of displacing trousers. If the pendulum swings back towards greater formality at social events, many men may adopt Highland formal dress simply because it looks and feels better than the tuxedo.

I'm hoping for the extinction of high heels, cosmetics, and the entire fashion industry, as well as the custom of women shaving their legs and underarms, but that's probably too much to ask for. ;-)


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