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I wish I could think of something more interesting to say, but Heathers it is. At least that's the "teen movie" I remember best from when I was a teenager.

Now I'm trying to remember the movies I actually watched as a teenager--probably was slightly more inclined to watch movies than I am now, although not much. Most of the ones I'm thinking of, I'm not sure how often I actually watched them--my then girlfriend had a thing for Merchant-Ivory movies, and I know we watched Into the West more than once. She said that The Adventures of Baron Munchausen was her favourite movie, the first time she showed it to me, which was probably one of the first times we watched a video alone together, but I'm not sure how many times we actually watched it.
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Thank you very much for including childless thirty-something me in your marketing survey, but I'm far more concerned about what features the perfect kid-friendly velociraptor should have.
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[Error: unknown template qotd] The concept of "retro" fashion will finally be taken beyond the twentieth century, and the street scene of the future will look something like a Renaissance faire, for both good and ill. In other words, it won't be so much exact replicas as what people will think looks like period dress, ranging between very approximately the twelfth and the nineteenth century.

A fair number of women will be wearing men's clothing, of course. That said, the décolletage seen in parts of the seventeenth century might make a return, albeit perhaps not to the point of actually showing nipples; most likely the skirts of said gowns would be somewhat shorter as well, say lower-calf to ankle length.

Kilts for men will become slightly more acceptable in North America, although not to the point of displacing trousers. If the pendulum swings back towards greater formality at social events, many men may adopt Highland formal dress simply because it looks and feels better than the tuxedo.

I'm hoping for the extinction of high heels, cosmetics, and the entire fashion industry, as well as the custom of women shaving their legs and underarms, but that's probably too much to ask for. ;-)
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Yes. It doesn't necessarily stop them doing things they will regret, but we only have to look at human beings to know that regret isn't necessarily effective for said purpose.
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Jesus, lots of things. I miss some people very badly, I'm trying to write something that's not flowing, not able to let myself write what I feel like writing, and awkward situations continue to be awkward.

But I did at least have a nice chat in Irish on the phone, and played some tunes with somebody on Sunday whom I've not played with in a while. And I've a gig on Saturday, although as usual the money will be small to non-existent.
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Hmm... tough question to answer.
ETA: I find it odd that people are listing the songs on their Ipods. I'd only say that I know a song off by heart if I can actually sing it, without any notes or a recording to sing along with.

"The Lady Leroy"
"The Errant Apprentice"
"The Devil's Only Daughter"
"Ma Jolie Fleur"
"There Was a Lady"
"I Am Stretched on Your Grave"
"Lady Margaret"
"Sur le Pont de Lyon"
"Fear a' Bháta"
"The Busker"
"Cajun Telephone Stomp"
"The Baron of Brackley"
"Monday Morning"
"My Parents Reared Me Tenderly"
"Michael Dwyer's Escape"
"The Drowned Lovers"

Some of those would take a while to come out of storage, but with a little time I reckon I could do it. And I've a feeling there's a good few songs I'm forgetting. And of course there's a lot of songs to which I know the chorus to sing along with, but not so much the rest.

For that matter, there's a number of songs I could probably manage the better part of, but haven't ever learnt all the way through. "Kinmont Willie," as an example; it's too long for most people to want to hear it and I don't feel sufficiently comfortable singing in Scots.

I don't get to sing as much as I'd like; there's not any singers' session round here, and not much call for singing, especially genuinely traditional Irish singing, rather than folk-dreck like "The Fields of Athenry" with guitar accompaniment, at the sessions. (Am I bitter? Of course not. Well, not much, anyhow.)
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The "ap_" bit comes from one of my (old) college addresses. As for the "aelfwine," I have to admit that I can't remember why particularly I picked it out. Obviously I was on a bit of an Old English kick, and I vaguely recall having contemplated "unraed" before deciding that it looked too much like "unread," but why I chose that rather than "anhaga" or some other OE word I have no idea.


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