Apr. 24th, 2009

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I know, this isn't even close to professional quality, but it was the only thing I could think of. Sorry for that. Sorry also that it's a day late.

It was written a few years ago, when I heard something about a call for submissions for a "science fiction cliché" issue of some magazine or other. It's essentially an attempt to write drastically old-fashioned space opera, the kind of thing I grew up on, complete with horses-in-the-starship-hold, psychologically human-ish aliens, interstellar monarchy, and interesting name combinations.
Untitled Space Opera Short Story

The locals were not happy. A complete novice in reading non-human behaviour might have wondered if the Mekh’rar, meter-tall beings who resembled horned kangaroos as much as anything Earthly, were welcoming His Royal Highness the Duke of Pluto, Iain Alexei Barak Saieed Fergus Genji Graham, their new Imperial Viceroy, by pounding their tails on the ground, waving sticks with signs attached, blowing the hollowed horn-like appendages of the quadrupedal drakh, and vocalising loud hissing noises.
If, for some reason, you'd wish to read further, click here. )
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Just found this, clicking through links. Confirmation is here.

I'm not sure why it bothers me, really. I've not updated my Geocities site in a couple of years. I shouldn't really care. But... somehow it makes be a bit unhappy. Not deeply sad, but... unhappy.


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