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2009-05-19 09:58 pm

[Fic] Harry's New Pets, the Flaming Nargles Version, a bit on the end of part 2

Harry's New Pets--The Flaming Nargles Version (a bit more for the end of part 2--1100 words)
A Harry Potter fanfiction by Andrew yclept Aelfwine
The characters and situations of the Harry Potter series are copyright J.K. Rowling. They may not be used or reproduced commercially without permission. The use of these characters and situations is not to be construed as challenge to said copyright. They are merely borrowed for this work of non-commercial fanfiction, from which the author derives no financial benefit.
No sex yet, as they're too young, but considerable romance.

This started out as an omake for Rorschach's Blot's fic Pet Compartment, but swiftly spiralled out of control.
Many thanks to Rorschach's Blot for the inspiration, as well as for permission to write this.

This particular version started out as an omake for my own fic "Harry's New Pets--the H/F/Hr/L version" and swiftly spiralled even further out of control. The first 3700 words are the same as the first 3700 words of the original "Harry's New Pets"; the fic then takes a different direction.
Click here for Part 1
Part 2 seemed to need a bit more at the end, so here it is. It's not really new--I've been too busy to write fic--but it seemed time to post it, so here it is.
She dared a glance over at Harry. He was bright scarlet, his eyes were closed, and his hands, alas, were strategically deployed. )